Bridgge Over Trouble Water
Self-Generative Video and Sound Installation

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” is a self generative video and sound installation project collaborated with Ruby Arnold. The MAX visual programming environment is used to locate and manipulate video and audio sources, collaging layers of audio/visual information “on the fly”. This effect results in a unique rendition of the song each time it plays. MAX selects, blends, isolates, and groups eight singers from the 38 in the pool at randomly. It may select one singer, two, three, or 8 - all juxtaposed in alignment with varying opacity, generating endless combinations of singers faces. Likewise, the voice of each singer goes from being heard predominantly to being unheard. Each singer and voice may only appear for 5, 10, 20 seconds at a time. A viewer will therefore experience the infinite combination of choirs in dynamic durations in a transitory nature, with a distanced echoed group choir of the whole 38 singers as a background.